High CBD Strains And Their Effects

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most commonly found cannabinoids originating from the cannabis plant. Unlike its psychoactive counterpart, THC, CBD offers a non-psychoactive and relaxing effect and is sought after for its beneficial daily and medical uses. People who want to experience all of the many benefits of the cannabis plant without the intense side effects shop for cannabis strains high in CBD or cannabidiol content.

What Benefits Do High Cbd Strains Provide?

Cannabis strains can be high in CBD, high in THC, or a combination of both. Both of these compounds are the most popular compounds found in cannabis strains. These compounds, especially CBD, are known for their unique properties in treating many conditions. Some of these medical uses are especially amplified when both of the compounds are present together – for example, pain and nausea relief is experienced from 50% CBD/50% THC strains.

High CBD strains have been known to have these studied benefits: anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory, chronic pain relief, anti-nausea, and strengthening bones. It also counteracts THC-induced types of anxiety, relaxes muscles, and treats ADD or ADHD symptoms. Furthermore, it has cancer-fighting radicals and chemotherapy effects.

Many consumers don’t know the difference between CBD-rich cannabis and CBD-dominant cannabis. CBD-rich generally means that the plant has equal parts CBD and THC or slightly more CBD than THC. CBD-dominant strains are plants that are considered to be rich in CBD with low amounts of THC content. The recommended ratio of CBD to THC varies with medical conditions and desired personal use cases.

With so many new and improved high-CBD strains entering the market today, it can be difficult to choose what’s best for you and your treatment. We’ve compiled this list of CBD-rich or CBD-dominant strains that are known for their assistance in a variety of chronic medical uses and ailments. Here are the top CBD-rich and CBD-dominant strains and their applications to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of medical marijuana strains.

1The Harlequin Strain

One of the most popular CBD strains on the market is the Harlequin. It typically tests 5:2 CBD to THC. This strain inhibits a sativa-dominant type of alertness with very mild feelings of euphoria.

This strain is excellent for those looking for the benefits of CBD. This is great for those that don't mind the slight feelings of high obtained from THC. It can give major relaxation for those dealing with severe feelings of pain or discomfort.

2CBD Kush Strain

This strain, which finds its roots in Kandy Kush, was the creation of Dutch Passion and CBD Crew. The strain contains equal parts of CBD and THC. This is about a 7%/7% ratio.

CBD Kush is recommended for users with a low tolerance looking to treat inflammation, pain, and anxiety. The equal part THC offers a tamer experience. This helps relax the muscles without overwhelming mental cloudiness.

3The Zen Strain

This CBD-rich strain contains earthy flavors. It has hints of sour berries and lavender. The ratio is 8.6% CBD/10% THC.

This strain is typically used to treat anorexia and anxiety. It is effective in treating digestion disorders and nausea. It is also used to treat Chron's disease.

4The AC/DC Strain

This legacy strain has its roots in Cannatonic. This is an extremely CBD-dominant strain. It reduces chemotherapy effects, MS, epilepsy, pain, anxiety, and stress.

This high CBD strain's cannabidiol content is measured at 20%. THC content, on the other hand, only measures from 1% to 5%. It means that it does not produce the high recreational users often seek.

5The Cannatonic Strain

This strain is a 50/50 blend of sativa and indica. It is attractive for its citrus taste and wood and earthy smell. Cannatonic CBD content sits at 12%.

This strain is popular for the treatment of epilepsy and intense pain. It does this while maintaining an uplifting and relaxing impact. Cannatonic is also used by medical patients to treat ADD or ADHD, arthritis, depression, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.

6Purple Cheese Strain

This is a particular indica-dominant hybrid. It provides all of the full-body relaxing effects of CBD. It starts as social-energizing high and transitions very quickly into an intense full-body experience.

This strain works well for patients seeking relief for bipolar disorder, eye pressure, chronic pain, ADD or ADHD, and depression. With this strain, THC dominates. It measures at a 12%/4% THC/CBD ratio.

7Sour Tsunami Strain

This is a sativa-prominent strain. It was bred specifically to be CBD-dominant. The buzz on this strain is minimal.

But its wood and earthy smells will leave you completely relaxed and pain-free. Sour Tsunami's CBD content measures from 11% to 13%. Its THC content sits at less than 10%.

8Blueberry Essence Strain

It has benefits in relieving pain. This strain is popular for its fruity blend. It has a blend of mango and blueberry flavors.

The strain is known for leaving its patients tingly. It also makes them relaxed and sleepy. Its CBD/THC ratio sits at 13% CBD to 9.6% THC content.

9The Warlock Strain

This strain was initially developed by Magus Genetics. It was bred for indica-dominance and its focus on stimulation. Warlock is known for reducing boredom and inattention associated with minds who struggle with ADD or ADHD.

The strain has both sweet and sour tasks. It helps to relieve stress while improving engagement. Warlock is known for its high CBD and THC content, measuring at 13% CBD to 18% THC.

10The Valentine X Strain

This is another 50/50 hybrid. This strain helps in treating epilepsy, inflammation, and cancer-related discomforts. Patients and users of this strain with a pungent-citrusy aroma recorded feelings of muscle relaxation and highly euphoric moods.

This strain is extremely high in THC content. Often, it has 70%/80% THC content. This strain has 15%/18% CBD content.

This list is by no means exhaustive; it merely represents some of the new and reliable high-CBD cannabis strains on the market right now. These cannabis strains are continually being improved and redeveloped for more targeted treatment of medical conditions and illnesses. Remember that the exact CBD to THC ratios will vary from provider to provider and should always be checked for consistency in line with your personal or professional CBD treatment plan.

Different Harvests Can Lead to Different Results

Keep in mind that while the strains above tend to contain higher measured levels of CBD, not every harvest will mirror the previous CBD-rich profile. Consider Warlock, for example – this strain is known for its expression of higher THC contents with very minimal recorded levels of CBD; however, you can also encounter instances in which the cannabinoid profiles are revered. The level of CBD to THC is contingent on how each strain was bred and what cannabinoid characteristics the plant expresses during its lifecycle process.

It means that strains can typically evolve from harvest to harvest. If you visit the same state-approved source or dispensary for your medical needs, ensure that they are using trusted methods to test each strain’s CBD-to-THC content. The dispensary should re-evaluate this after every harvest and posted accurately and correctly so patients can get the exact treatment they are looking for.

Remember to consult your family doctor or physician, when in doubt, if high-CBD strains are best for you. This list should not be used as professional medical advice but merely as a suggestive guide. Do not take medical marijuana if not prescribed by a doctor, and only purchase medical-grade CBD strains from state-approved medical marijuana dispensaries.

Brenda Delgado

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