Hey there! My name is Karen Haygood; I was born in 1977 in Boulder, Colorado. As a resident of Colorado, I come from the unique perspective of living in a state where marijuana is legal.

I've been plagued by debilitating joint pain for years, and turning to CBD oil has been a blessing that helps me manage this pain with a convenience I never thought possible! Higher percentages of THC in CBD oil are legally allowed in my hometown. This is why I began using it years ago; it's really catching popularity recently.

I created CBD Oil User's Guide to inform people that CBD oil offers a wealth of benefits for physical and mental health, even if you live in a state where the 0.3% THC limit is in place. Learning about these benefits is integral to understanding how CBD can help you and your specific ailments, which is why we create content that answers questions you might have and strictly provides facts about CBD. From the surprising health benefits of medical marijuana to essentials to know about cannabis strains, this information could change everything for you. I know it did for me!

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Karen Haygood

Hello! I'm Brenda Delgado. I was born in 1985 and am a resident of Austin, Texas. I'm actually a bit of a California transplant, having come to Texas with a deep love for wine-making, gardening, and anything to do with the great outdoors (although this Texas sun can be a bit of a problem!).

My husband introduced me to CBD oil, and it's been a fixture in our household ever since. Soon after, I thought, why not share the wonders of this oil with the world. There's no better way to do that but to reach as many people as we can than through CBD Oil User's Guide! The unique healing benefits of CBD oil are so numerous, and I truly believe that it can be a transformative experience for anyone.

From teaching you about the most potent CBD strains to things to know about CBD hemp oil, we expose you to information that will help you make educated decisions about your future. This could lead to massive relief. Dispell misconceptions about CBD and see if it's right for you, as it was for me.

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Brenda Delgado